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Congratulations in Ocean Sports Training as your training provider. Gaining your Lifeguard qualification can be challenging but also a very exciting learning experience within your self development pathway. Lifeguarding awards increase your opportunities to work in your dream job and allows for successful candidates to work as lifeguards on British Beaches as well as in many countries worldwide. As well as working in beach lifeguarding, the qualification is a stepping stone to other careers in outdoor pursuits, rescue management and other emergency service

SLSGB Surf Lifeguard


To provide a national qualification that meets international standards for professional lifeguarding for a Lifeguard who may be required to operate in surf conditions.

All prices include training resources, assesment fee & admin fees



  • Minimum of 16 years of age on the date of assessment.

  • Minimum Guided Learning Hours – 40 hours prior to assessment.

  • Be able to swim 400 metres in 7.5 minutes.

  • 200 metres run in 40 seconds.



24 months from the date of the assessment, with the option of taking a Lifeguard proficiency test prior to the expiry date and every 12 months thereafter to maintain status


1. Fitness Test & Releases


  • Complete a timed swim of 400 metres over a measured course in a pool of not less than 25 metres in length, using a front stroke. A time of 7.5 minutes is accepted as the maximum time permitted for the swim. Complete a pool swim of 200m in less than 3.5 minutes. (This can be undertaken as part of the 400m swim, the first or second 200m of which should take less than 3.5 minutes).

  • Complete a timed run of 200 metres over a measured course. A time of 40 seconds is accepted as the maximum time permitted for the run

2. Lifeguard Skills, Knowledge & Rescue


3. Life Support

4. First Aid



  • Candidates MUST complete Section 1 (Fitness & Releases) before completing Section 2 (Lifeguard Skills, Knowledge & Rescue).

  • When the award is renewed, the candidate may complete the assessment one month prior to the expiry date of the existing competency. In this case the period of new competency will remain valid for a maximum of 13 months.

SLSGB Surf Coach Safety & Rescue



To establish a standard that creates a level of competence in Life Saving that meets the requirements of the surf coach and enables more location and job specific training and assessment. Surf coaching requires a 1:10 ratio and so most surf coaches will be operating on their own and will need to have life saving skills to deal with situations without immediate assistance.

Important Notice:

This is a suitable alternative to having a full lifeguard award to accommodate your ISA Level 1 Surf Instructor Award. One can not apply for lifeguard jobs nationally or internationally with this qualification


  • Minimum of 16 years of age on date of assessment.

  • Able to perform a continuous swim for a minimum of 200 metres in a pool.

  • Medically and physically fit.


24 months from the date of the assessment. Subsequent proficiency tests may be completed to maintain status.


1. Fitness Test & Releases

  • Complete a swim of 200 metres in the sea, attacking the surf on entry.

  • Complete a 200 metre run in under one minute.

  • Demonstrate effectively two releases with appropriate management of the situation.

2. Life Saving Skills, Rescue & Knowledge

Demonstrate effectively the ability to carry out the following:

  • Board rescue of unconscious casualty 150 metres from the shore using either a rescue board or a surfboard of 8ft minimum length.

  • Demonstrate a free swim rescue and tow of casualty without rescue aids at a minimum of 50 metres’ swimming distance from the shore.

  • Demonstrate management of suspected spinal injury to casualty in the surf zone using public/surf school students to assist.

  • Understand and demonstrate knowledge of Lifeguard signals and flags.

  • Demonstrate aftercare of conscious and unconscious casualty.

3. Life Support

4. First Aid


Complete the syllabus for the assessment. The qualification can be Trainer assessed.

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