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Congratulations on choosing Ocean Sports Training to help you improve your surfing capabilities.

As a beginner surfer you will have never or had a few attempts at surfing.

We will take you through a process of instruction that will lay down a very solid platform from which you will be able to practice correctly and advance to the next level. It is vital that you learn the correct techniques from the start. We will also teach you Ocean Awareness; this is important to ensuring you understand the ever changing dynamic of the ocean and waves ensuring that you are safe when going out on your own to practice. Safety = Fun = Learning.

We recommend up to 6 sessions with us (Level 1)

During your coaching you will learn to:

  • Understand how to recognize rip currents and where it is safe to surf.

  • Paddle you board to catch waves.

  • Pop up to your feet using the knee first or direct pop up.

  • Be able to perform steady straight rides towards shore.

  • Be aware of other craft users and surf etiquette.

  • How to exit safely should you become stuck in a rip current.

  • And much more!

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