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This level is for surfers wanting to progress quicker than you could on your own or from advice from your mates! Be aware though that this is a stage of your surfing that although loads of fun will test your endurance and patience at times. There is much to learn, so there is no particular time frame to progress from this level to the much higher and technically demanding Advanced level.

Again we recommend 6 to 8 lessons (L2 & L3)

You are confident with the basics and are now beginning to perform in more challenging conditions or want to improve in a specific area of your surfing.

During your coaching you will learn to:

  • Understand in greater detail how the ocean works as well as rescue techniques and prevention.

  • Out back green wall wave surfing

  • Positioning in the line-up and wave selection

  • Advanced paddling techniques

  • Direct pop up

  • Bottom and top turns

  • Cutbacks to the foam and re - direction

  • To generate speed on your fore – hand & back - hand

  • Understand how your body movements affect your surfing (biomechanics)

  • Fitness to help you improve & nutrition

  • Understanding different use of equipment for changing surf conditions

  • Using wave and wind models

  • And loads more!

With this solid and detailed course under your belt you will now be able to go out and practice with confidence and with time preform each maneuver faster, at the correct time and with a more radical approach.

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