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BOOMB!! You are serious about your surfing and are either a hot shot wanting to go pro and surf comps or master certain or all the major maneuvers in your repertoire and many more.

You will also expand your ocean awareness knowledge, allowing you to take on the greater challenges that lie ahead.

There is no time limit to this level; however we recommend 8 to 12 coaching sessions (L4 & L5)

This level is all about coaching and fine-tuning your technique enabling you to preform your maneuvers with speed, power and control.

During your coaching you will learn to:

  • Surf in bigger more challenging waves.

  • Take off from a variety of positions on the wave.

  • Quickly generate speed.

  • Select the correct maneuver at the right time

  • Understand how your body movements affect your maneuvers (biomechanics)

  • Fitness and nutrition.

  • Preform with speed, power and control surfing in both directions:

  • The perfect bottom turn

  • Re-entry’s, snaps and carves off the top

  • Tube riding

  • Floaters

  • Cut backs with re - bound

  • Aerials and reverses

  • Finishing maneuvers.

  • Contest surfing.

  • You will be invited to attend HIGH Performance Camps locally and abroad.

  • You will be trained & coached to a level, which will also enable you to complete internationally recognized lifeguard and surf instructor qualifications.

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