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This award will establish a level of competence to deliver intermediate life support.

Course Units:

·  Aquatic First Aid (Assessment)

·  Spinal Injury Management

·  Trauma and the pre-hospital environment

·  Supplementary Oxygen Administration

·  Automated External Defibrillation


Award Learning outcomes:

1. Demonstrate the knowledge and skills required in order to provide a first aid function to a water safety team for basic life support and basic first aid

2. Demonstrate knowledge, skills and competence for managing a suspected spinal injury

3. Demonstrate the skills and knowledge associated with rapid assessment, stabilisation and transfer of both the trauma victim and those suffering from medical emergency.

4. Demonstrate the skills and knowledge needed in order to administer supplementary oxygen to casualties.

5. Demonstrate how to use an AED safely alongside Aquatic First Aid Scenarios Assessment Process

Learners will be assessed using a variety of assessment methods. These are inclusive of, but not limited to:

·  Observation

·  Oral Questioning

·  Practical demonstration


Typical format of delivery:

16 / 24 Guided learning Hours is only the minimum hours that must be delivered, if candidates require additional training then additional hours can be added on at the discretion of the Trainer Assessor. 

Supporting Information:

·  This award will combine theory and practical activities

·  At the start of this course all candidates will be required to demonstrate CPR to the standards set out by SLSGB


·  Candidates who fail this test will not be permitted to continue the course and will not be entitled to a repayment of the course fee

Price is £275 pp which includes 12 months membership, assessment fee, administration fee training equipment & resources.

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