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You are now a rookie pro and need mentoring and coaching to improve and maintain focus on short and long-term goals. Level 6

This is where you build a coaching relationship with your coach and work as a team individually and with other similar level ability surfers.

You are able to perform all major and progressive maneuvers with confidence and consistency with speed, power and control, so where to from here?

The top WCT surfers are constantly improving their skills in many areas in order to have a competitive advantage over their opponents.

Ocean Sports Training will coach & mentor you to ensure you achieve the following:

Short- Mid term goals:

  • Assessment of needs.

  • Biomechanics and fitness assessment.

  • Advantages of nutritional programs

  • Tactical technique video analysis coaching.

  • Bespoke implementation of fitness program.

  • Competition surfing:

  • What the judges want and understanding the criteria.

  • Rules and interference rule with case studies from live heats.

  • Using priority to your advantage and case studies of live heats.

  • Surfing against the buzzer beater.

  • Planning and preparing for a competition.

  • Heat strategies and scenario training.

  • Mental preparation.

  • Your demon stressors, examining what throws you off and what makes you fire up.

  • The will to win, case studies and tools to help you improve your mental game.

  • Plan-do-review. The importance of learning from your wins and losses.

  • Heat drills (lots of them) with some curved balls thrown in for fun!

  • Setting yourself apart, your uniqueness.


Long-term goals:

It is crucial to understand what you want and how you plan to achieve this. It is also necessary to be realistic as not reaching goals can have a diverse effect on your confidence and be a major setback.

Time frames will be placed and constant assessment and reviews will take place to measure success before moving on to the next goal.

Ocean Sports Training will coach & mentor you to ensure you achieve the following:

  • Marketing you and managing your career path.

  • Sponsorship.

  • Setting up blogs and you tube posts.

  • Getting the most for you and help you make the right choices to pursue a career in surfing.

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